Heather Newbury, Photographer Extraordinaire

Heather Newbury, Photographer Extraordinaire

So there's been a lot of amazing photos of smokin' hot guys floating around all our social media outlets.....now you get to met the lady responsible for making these unforgettable shots possible.

Her name is Heather Newbury Almendarez of HeatherLynn Portraits.  She lives in Austin, TX and has amassed quite a collection of images over the span of her career, some of which can be seen on her website http://www.heatherlynnportraits.com. She is a very energetic and down to earth individual who we look forward to working with again.

We wanted to get to know more about Heather and she very gracious in providing some further insight into her life and aesthetic.....

D.U.M.: What inspired you to become a photographer?

HEATHER: My high school yearbook teacher is who inspired me to become photographer.  She taught me many amazing things that I still remember to this day.

D.U.M.: Who are some of your favorite photographers and how has their work had an influence on your career?

HEATHER: Ansel Adams was my first favorite.  I love black and whites.  His are just AMAZING.  The tones and contrasts he was able to get just astonish me.  I also love Wayne Martin Belger.  He makes every camera he uses out of different items that have something to do with the images he's shooting.  He's pretty amazing.

D.U.M.: What types of photography do you specialize in?

HEATHER: I specialize in a few things.  Boudoir, pinup (anything vintage really), book covers, and magazine publications.

D.U.M.: Your signature call sign and logo is a very classy and beautiful fleur-de-lis.  What significance does this hold for you?

HEATHER: The fleur-de-lis has its origin in French culture.  It has come to be associated widely with the city of New Orleans, LA.   Fleur means "flower" and lis means "lily."   It represents a time and a place that I adore.  One that I've always felt was part of me.

D.U.M.: Has your work been featured in any publications or magazines?

HEATHER: Yes! I have been in Surreal Beauty, Surreal Beauty Teen, Aerolite Men's Magazine, and Scorpio Jin.  I also have been on several book covers.

D.U.M.: Is there a certain statement you like to make in your photographs? How do you get them to stand out?

HEATHER: I want everyone to see the beauty I see in everything.  I hope that my photos portray that.  I try to give each model the best lighting, angles, and edits to help them stand out.  In order to get my images to stand out I focus on getting unique and unusual shots. Something new and unexpected is always good.  I'm very much into breaking rules when it comes to photography.

D.U.M.: How do you de-stress?  What is your "me" time?

HEATHER: I am an avid hockey fan!  Have been for years.......This is my main mode of relaxation so when it's not in season I am lost in a way.

D.U.M.: What does the future hold for HeatherLynn Portraits?

HEATHER: My hope is that I continue to grow and gain more notoriety. I would love to have the opportunity to collaborate with well known magazines and models.  I also hope to just keep being myself and to continue doing what I love.

Follow Heather on:

FaceBook: HeatherLynn Portraits

Instagram: @LONGLEGGZZ

Twitter: @HL_Portraits


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