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Logan Blackthorn Model DownUnder Apparel Menswear

Logan Blackthorn Model DownUnder Apparel Sexy Mens Underwear

We recently started teaming up with some awesome models and photographers in order to capture some unique looks in the brands we carry.

The first of our models is Logan Blackthorn. Logan is from Longview, TX and now resides in San Antonio, TX. Our red hot Photog is the one and only Heather Newbury Almendarez of Austin, TX. Both of these awesome people live in the Austin, TX area and they teamed up to do photoshoot for DownUnder Menswear. Logan rocks some bad ass tatts and has a unique style that definitely sets him apart from others in the industry. We sat down to have a chat with Logan to get to know him a little better.......

D.U.M. :  What inspired you to become a model?

LOGAN: I can't say for sure.  I've had the dream since I was just a young one.  I've always had an eye for fashion.  When I got older I became less shy and comfortable in the spotlight.

D.U.M. : Name some models you look up to and tell how they have had an impact on what you do.

LOGAN: I admire Shane Burnell.  Any heavily inked model for that matter.  I feel like society's view on tattoos have lightened a bit, but anyone that can come up and live a dream like this gets high points in my book.  I've seen more and more models with ink coming up in the model world and it's exciting! Exciting because it shows that the general view on it is not that of the outlaw.  As it has been for so many years.

D.U.M. : What are all the types of modeling you are involved in?

LOGAN: I have done several fashion fashion shows.  I've done underwear shoots, editorial sets and have collaborated with local stylist Jules Aldez on the local news (KENS5)

D.U.M. : How did your modeling career start?

LOGAN: Through a dear friend and fellow tattooer Chela Motejano.  After hanging out with her while she was tattooing, she asked if she could take some photos of me.  "Just for grins" she said.  A week later she told me that she had scheduled a photo shoot for me with Carlos Ybarra.  It was a total shock.  My humble beginnings are rooted with two very good friends.  I owe many thanks to Carlos and Chela for giving me this opportunity and pushing me to try something new.

D.U.M. : Did having tattoos make getting work difficult at any point?

LOGAN: Not at all.  It has actually helped a good bit.

D.U.M. : What was your very first tattoo and where is it on your body?

LOGAN: A sun and it is on my back.

D.U.M. : What is your fav tatt and where is it located?

LOGAN: My fav one is in the works, not quite finished yet.  It is a severed hand holding a grenade, with a snake wrapped around it.

D.U.M. : You seem to be very comfortable being naked or in your undies.  Were you always this playful?

LOGAN: Not ALWAYS.... But I've always been of the mindset that it's natural and artful.

D.U.M. :Would you or have you ever posed fully nude?

LOGAN: Yes and yes.  I've done work with Bad John Paul and am currently signed to the Bad jp Agency in Austin.

D.U.M. : What is your fav band or musician at this time?

LOGAN: I really enjoy calmer music as opposed to heavy loud noises.  Though I'm not opposed to good workout music.  I'm currently obsessed with Glass Animals.



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