About DownUnder Apparel

DownUnder Apparel is the passion project of Baton Rouge native, and USAF veteran, De'Vannon Seráphino.

Even as a young child coming of age amidst the backdrop of beautiful bayous and LSU Tiger football, De'Vannon had a special affinity for what he wore "down under", never shying away from an opportunity to experience new materials and cuts of underwear.

De'Vannon HubertWhile attending Baton Rouge Magnet High School, a progressive institution with a fairly open-minded student body, De'Vannon actively experimented with various textiles, fabrics and styles of clothing...both outerwear AND underwear. But after experiencing the openly adventurous culture during his post-graduation trip through Europe, De'Vannon's passion for intimate, erotic, and comfortable under apparel became a playful obsession!

And despite the strict, disciplined environment of the U.S. Air Force -- where he served as an Electronic Warfare Journeyman in Arizona and as a Recruiter in Southern California -- De'Vannon's passion didn't diminish. In fact, he discovered that comfortable & supportive underwear made him feel free (and even sexy) even though his military uniform was rigid and constraining.

Today, De'Vannon's goal is to help both men and women truly appreciate what they're wearing down under. He wants all of us to enjoy the ideal under garments that will stimulate the feelings of comfort, freedom & sexiness...regardless of what we're wearing on the outside. That's why he's hand-picked these high quality, unique, erotic, attractive and functional apparel collections to feature on www.DownUnderApparel.com.

Thank you for shopping with us...we truly appreciate your business! Please do not hesitate to let us know every way we can serve you better!

- De'Vannon Seráphino, Owner

Men's Apparel Collections include Men's underwear, boxers, briefs, thongs, bikinis, boxer briefs, shapewear, sexy costumes, jockstraps, pouch enhancing underwear, swimwear, swim suits, trunks, athletic apparel, activewear, t-shirts, shorts, erotic underwear, intimate apparel.

Women's Apparel Collections include Women's underwear, panties, bras, tops, party dresses, skirts, shapewear, lingerie, swimwear, swim suits, bikinis, sexy costumes, athletic apparel, activewear, leggins, kimonos, cover ups, erotic underwear, intimate apparel, and more.

Non-Binary Collections give us the best of all worlds in the form of various fits, cuts, silhouettes etc.